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    Engagement Campaigns



    Engagement campaigns are performance marketing campaigns with a delayed conversion point. Advertisers who usually acquire new users on CPL or CPI basis can now change their model. By setting a conversion point at any in-app, in-game, in-brand event the marketing budget is fully optimized to generate active user and reach the ROI requirements. All leads which don’t reach the certain point are free of charge. Why paying for users who downloaded you app and never used it actively? Why acquiring players who never even start playing?



    Unique Placements



    Our placements consist of online and mobile games’ offer walls. The users get additional life or coins for filling the engagement campaigns. That makes the user thankful for the bonus and more receptive with your product. We optimize the campaign on the go by checking the performance of different traffic sources.


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    worldwide user generation

    Traffic from North America, Europe, Latam, Mid and Far East

    100+ M

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    150+ M

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  • Our management team

    young professionals with no fears

    William Riegger


    • William is engaged in online projects for over 10 years

    • He knows both sides of the digital marketplace and the struggle in-between

    • He’s unbeatable in building relationships with clients

    Alicja Borucinska

    CEO & Co-founder

    • Traffic specialist with passion for boosting, optimizing, delivering and networking

    • She’s a serial start-uper with 5 projects already built up

    • Speaker at ad-tech Tokyo, Affiliate Summit, Casual Connect and more

    Maximilian Beer


    • Max is a serious businessman with more than 10 years of experience in several sectors

    • Got published at onlinemarketing.de and websitemagazine.com

    • His last name, Beer, always wakes excitement at networking events

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